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NEYCE Müzikevi

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Please take note of the following if you wish to use your ney without damages for a long period of time:

Do not remove the mouthpiece frequently, otherwise the internode will fit loosely.
Do not prop the ney to a wall, best place is a flat table; mouthpiece must be outward the surface, the holes must look upward, the instrument must touch the surface.
If not for purposes of transporting do not keep it in wood boxes or airless places.
Do not expose it to heat, extremely cold or hot weather.

In order not to cause mold or stink in the internode, be careful about tooth cleaning. do not smoke before using.

After your purchase, you must grease your ney every month with equally mixed hazelnut and almond oil.
You may use a plastic tube or cylindirical sack for this. You’ll insert the ney in the tube filled with oil for five minutes, after drying the outer surface with a cloth you must hang it for 5 hours for the excess oil to drip down.



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