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NEYCE Müzikevi

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An essential element of the Ney is the quality of the reed as this has a profound influence on its sound. Not all reeds are suitable so they have to be selected very carefully. The best quality reeds for the manufacture of a high-quality Ney are found in our country in the eastern area of the Mediterranean, especially in Hatay. Materials alone do not, however, guarantee that a Ney will be a good one.

A ney maker must at the same TIme be an experienced ney-player: An experienced ney-player and maker will be able to blow all accords properly and be able to hear the exact intervals for each note and be able, as a result, to make the subtle adjustment necessary to give the instrument its proper accord. It is vital to find the most sophisticated accord in the structure of each reed whilst keeping the reed’s aesthetic appearance intact.

The reed for a Ney is selected with care from amongst the thousands of reeds that grow naturally. No one reed will look or sound the same as another: They are as different as our fingerprints. It is not simply a technical detail when we say that preserving the original brightness, individuality and natural character of the reed are important factors to be taken into account during the manufacture of our Neys. Taking a reed and turning it into a Ney involves, therefore, a sophisticated process in which each instrument is individually adjusted to find its proper accord.



The highest-quality Ney is the result of a careful process of making that combines modern technology with traditional skills: the use of sensitive electronic equipment to ensure that the overall pitch of the instrument is true alongside the use of hand tools and craftsmanship to ensure that the natural quality of the finest reed is enhanced. Finally, there is the sensitivity and knowledge of the producer - as neyzen - that will ensure that a properly adjusted instrument will have a long lifespan. The journey from REED TO NEY, from NEY TO BREATH is, therefore, a long one. The Ney, that seemingly simple, yet complicated marvel of nature, will in the service of the neyzen improve over the years. Good craftsmanship combined with the talents of the player ensure that the roads of the Ney and the neyzen will unite.

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